Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Blog

Well, here is my first blog.

Today in class we watched a super old movie about learning how to teach.  Every time we watch a movie in class, I try to remember the director or at least one of the people involved.  One of my cousins is a film major and he ALWAYS knows more about movies than I do!!  He schools all of us in any game requiring movie knowledge.  So Evan, if you're reading my blog ... Norman Maclaren ... Marshall Mcluhan ... Harry Joe Brown!!

In all truthfulness, I thought the film today was very creative.  I liked how there was a little character inside each student's brain, acting out how we have all felt in class before.  My favourite was the guy trying to stay awake.  The eyelids kept slipping down and he struggled to push them back up so he could see the presentation.  It was a perfect picture of how it feels sometimes when you are too exhausted to keep your eyes open and concentrate.

1 comment:

  1. I thought the eyelids were adorable. Truly an "Awww" moment. I also thought that whatever director envisioned it was probably a leader in the field during his time. Much the opposite of myself, as I'm sticking to my good old paper xylophone and handy wooden Orff instruments. :)